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The next level honest and top notch quality Thank you Bobby!

— A.P.

Simply the best! Always top notch service. Great prices and always honest. Thank you Bobby!

— Anne B.

I have been bringing my vehicles here for over 10 years. I will not go anywhere else. Knowledgeable, great prices and honest.

— Andy P.

Bobby's auto makes taking your car such a good experience with personalized care, and honest quotes and excellent service. I highly recommend this auto shop.

— Sarah S.

The absolute best place you could bring your vehicle and come out knowing that you werent swindled and the problem was taken care of. Bobby is an absolute doll. Reminder of why local businesses are the cornerstone quality. Thanks for taking care of all my cars over the past 14 years!

— Alex Fandel

Complete Tuneup and major service performed recently on my 2009 Jeep -including new OEM exhaust system. Could not have been more pleased with the competency of the service provided or the honesty of Bobby and his staff. Very difficult to find a honest and knowledgeable mechanic these days and Bobby is both. Bobby is a great Dealer alternative. Highly recommend.

— Patrick Troy

Great service from Bobby, he took my truck in that day, explained to me what was wrong and fixed the problem for a very reasonable price.I was back on the road the next day. Thanks Bob!

— Kevin MacKay

Great service and fair prices. Highly recommended. I had a complete brake job done and am very happy.

— David Gulesian

Try to go to the dealer who sold you a car more than 10 years ago and ask him to fix it. He will convince you that it does not make sense to repair such an old car and will push you to buy a new one (from him of coarse). At the same time most dealers will purchase (if at all) your old car for peanuts.

Here comes Bobby's Auto. My 4 cars are 11, 14, 19 and 21 years old and have already between 130k and 210k miles each. Bobby not only fixes them when needed, but he also suggests important safety replacements, which needs to be done on such old machines. I even don't want to think what I will be doing width out Bobby's help, due to severe corrosion some of the engines of my old cars will be already fallen off and I might not be alive.

I know Bobby for a long time. During all that time he always did an excellent job for me. Bobby is very honest and friendly person. Extremely highly recommended.

— William Bowden

Bobby is servicing all my three cars, from the Lexus to my 20 years old Taurus. Bobby is not your conventional auto service person. Some computer test codes require changing some very expensive parts. However, Bobby is a thinker and he does not believe blindly the computer code, he questions the information supplied by the sensor. Why is the sensor delivering that reading? It might be an other simple reason and after eliminating it, Bobby avoided the replacement of the very expensive part. Bobby is the best!

— Nick, Norfolk, MA

Excellent prices and quality workmanship. Bobby has been working on my 2006 Honda truck for over two years now. Recently had my timing belt, water pump, spark plugs and s-belt replaced with an oil change. A lot cheaper than the Honda dealership, plus all parts were replaced with Honda parts. I would highly recommend Bobby's Auto Service.

— Carl Satterlee

After arriving in Walpole for a few days visiting with our Granddaughter and Daughter, the squealing from the front of our Chrysler Pacifica grew too loud to ignore. Thank you Bobby for finding the noise, and oil leak, from our power steering pump, getting the right parts and letting us get back home in Delaware. We came to you as you have taken such good care of our daughter and her Subaru Forester first and Outback at present. It is such a pleasure to finally meet the good businessman who keeps his customers safe and on the road, especially in the harsh salted road and pothole environment of New England. Thanks again for such first rate service, best wishes...

— Margaret and Hugh

Great local shop I've been going to Bobby's for the past two years and he is extremly knowledgable with great customer service. He tells you how it is and if he is busy, or can't fit you, in he has no problems refering you to another local garage that can help you when you need it. My experiences revolve around an 02 Dodge Neon that had problems over the past two years. It was paid off and I wanted to try keeping it going. Recently the transmission went and Bobby has been very accomodating with me while I attemp to determine if I will fix it or get rid of it and buy new. He had no issues with me keeping it on his lot a few extra days and even offered me some advice on good models to choose if I was going to purchase new. I still own an 02 Escape, and I will keep going to Bobby any time it has issues. Can't say enough, he is a great mechanic with a great network of local shops he deals with. Did I mention he is also affiliated with NAPA and you receive notices etc in the mail about services and vehicle repair history?

— Richard