Bobby’s Auto Service

Serving Valued Customers For Over 30 Years

Equipped with certified mechanics and technicians, we at Bobby’s Auto Service are armed with top-notch industry professionals. For 32 years, our mechanics have provided clients with auto repairs that promise safety and satisfaction. We attribute our decades of success to our adaptability. We’re constantly incorporating new technology into our operations, which allows us to keep one finger on the pulse. What’s more, our mechanics are highly trained and have substantial insight into the realm of auto repair. We pair our passion with our know-how to deliver auto repair solutions that clients can count on. Thanks to our savvy mechanics, we’ve succeeded in doing just that.

Bobby Hadayia: The Brains Behind Bobby’s Auto Service

The riveting world of auto repair has always intrigued Bobby. Before evolving into the prosperous business owner he is today, Bobby was a budding mechanic. In the hopes of diversifying his craft, Bobby attended ITT Technical Institute, later earning certifications and additional training. Bobby’s experience as a mechanic primed him for the leadership role he currently holds. Since 1988, Bobby has proudly served the Walpole area, and under his sound leadership, Bobby’s Auto Service will remain a sought-after auto repair facility for years to come.

Bobby’s Auto Service

Meet Our Walpole Auto Mechanics

  • Bobby Hadayia | Bobby's Auto Service
    Bobby HadayiaOwner

    32 years of experience

    ITT Technical Institute Graduate

    ASE Master Certified Technician

  • Audry | Bobby's Auto Service
    AudryOffice Manager
  • Scott | Bobby's Auto Service
    ScottASE Certified Technician
  • Kevin | Bobby's Auto Service
    KevinASE Certified Technician